• Interested In An Educational Technology Endorsement? Earn It Through SEDC

    Learn more about our online Educational Technology Endorsement Courses at SEDC

    SEDC is working in cooperation with the Utah Education Network (UEN), the Utah State Board of Education (USBE) and Southern Utah University (SUU) to provide professional learning opportunities to earn an Educational Technology Endorsement Program (ETEP) endorsement for teachers in our region. These courses will be held entirely online through the Canvas learning management system.

    The ETEP endorsement consists of 18 credit hours of courses: 3 3-credit core courses (9 credit hours) which are focused on many of the core concepts in educational technology integration. An additional 6 credits of courses focused on technology to support your curriculum, and 3 credits of courses where you use technology to enhance your professional practice are required as electives. These 5000-level credits will be awarded through SUU at a cost to participants of $23 per credit to record.

    Teachers following in-step with the SEDC ETEP plan will complete this endorsement in 2 years, but we plan on offering these courses on a continual rotating basis, so you are free to jump in anytime that you can. Credit earned in the program can also be used for salary lane changes. Coursework can be applied towards a Master’s degree program from either Southern Utah University or the University of Utah.

    Our next round of courses will begin September 6, 2018, but if you are interested you can join in at anytime. The courses offered during the 2018-2019 school year begin about every 2 months and run for 6 weeks. We will begin the 12-week core courses in early September 2019. Take a look at the upcoming courses we will offer!

    Learn more about the entire endorsement program requirements from UEN. opens in a new window

    Download the 2018 ETEP Flyer in PDF format.

    illustration of ETEP 2018 Flyer

  • EdTech Endorsement Course & Credit Overview for 2018-2020

    Registration for our Fall ’18 Courses Is OPEN

    We are about to begin Round 2 of our Educational Technology Endorsement Course series! Take a moment to review the Educational Endorsement Program (ETEP) Requirements opens in a new window if necessary, but just remember that a total of 18 credit hours are needed, as well as attendance at an EdTech Conference to earn the endorsement. If you miss a course or come into the SEDC ETEP Cohort late, it’s not a problem – you can take other classes from UEN opens in a new window whenever they are offered or catch up on it later on from us.

    Looking for the overview of the courses that we offered from Fall 2016 – Summer 2018? You can find that here.

    As course registration becomes available, the course names listed below will link to the UEN GoSignMeUp registration page for each.

    ETEP Courses for Fall ’18 – Summer ’20


    *Optional course if you can make the dates and locations work for you.

    **Acceptable Educational Technology Conferences include: Rural Schools (URSA) opens in a new windowUCET opens in a new windowEdCamp opens in a new windowUELMA opens in a new windowISTE opens in a new window or a district technology conference.

  • EDUC 5550 Math Endorsement Class, Starting September 10, 2018

    K-8 EDUC 5550 Assessment & Intervention for Practitioners

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    Math Endorsement Flyer January 2018 PNG

    SEDC is working with UVU, USOE, District Math Specialists and the Charter Schools to provide a math endorsement professional development opportunity for elementary school teachers. These classes will be held in locations throughout the State via IVC (Interactive Video Conference) and Acano (Web Based Application).

    What: EDUC 5550 Assessment and Intervention for Practitioners
    When: Monday September 10 through Monday, December 3, 2018, each Monday from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm.
    Who: Instructor is Jeff Harrah
    Where: Various IVC Locations across the State and Acano
    How Much: There is a charge of $210.00 per math endorsement class taken through SEDC
    Questions? Contact the SEDC Director Joe B. Wright at joeb@sedck12.org for more information

    Information for UVU Admittance and UVU Registration will be emailed to you when you register for the course with SEDC opens in a new window.

    Please let your teachers know about this new endorsement opportunity! Download and share this flyer (PDF) with your teachers.

    Learn more about our Math Endorsement series, including the future dates of our upcoming courses.

     *Please see the below information to register at UVU for credit.

    We are encouraging teachers to complete the admission, registration, and payment of fees processes prior to the beginning of class.

    If you plan on taking this course and receiving UVU credit, you must register through UVU for the class by carefully following the attached instructions (PDF). If you have previously completed the admission process, then all you need to do is go online, follow the registration instructions on page 2, and then pay the course registration fee. If this is the first UVU endorsement class that you have taken, then you will need to first complete the admission instructions and then register for the class. Register NOW since you have only 3 weeks from the start of class to complete the registration process.

    John Allan is the UVU Endorsement Program Coordinator. If you have concerns and/or questions related to UVU or the Endorsement Program, he is the person to contact. He will respond quickly to all emails and phone messages and will assist you in getting the answer or solving the problem. His contact information is as follows:

    John W. Allan
    Endorsement Program Coordinator
    Utah Valley University, School of Education
    Email: JohnA@uvu.edu
    Phone: (801) 863-7614

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  • Academic Pathway to Teacher (APT/ARL) Licensure Program for Service Centers